“I’m going to get up. It’s getting late,” she told him. Mostly in a resigned tone, knowing the day would likely pass with no playtime. The rules were too loose for her and she craved rules above all.

“It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere.” He eyed her and she felt his grip tighten. “Go ahead, give it your best effort, my love.” She struggled, playfully at first, but as he tightened around her like an overgrown python, she began to glisten with effort.

His chuckling fueled her determination and he continued to spur her on with hard bites and light kisses. All the while he was tightening his grip whenever she would try to reposition herself. After a few minutes he had her folded up, arms overhead, hard cock pressing against the entrance of her now soaked cunt. She quickly locked eyes with him.

“You will submit to me. In the slightest moments, not just the big moments. This is what is required of you. Do you understand?” He pressed harder, squeezing harder, and waited for her reply.

“Yes, Sir, I submit,” she said almost breathlessly.

His eyes darkened and narrowed. He was now nose to nose, “Beg for what you want.”

Masturbation Monday

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